Introducing the Family Resources StreetSafe Outreach Team

Introducing the Family Resources StreetSafe Outreach Team

by Lisa Davis, January 22, 2019

There’s a new crew in town keeping an eye out for homeless youth in Pinellas County! Family Resources is proud to announce the creation and development of our StreetSafe outreach team, which will travel through the community helping homeless youth who are vulnerable to human trafficking and negative influences like crime and drug use.

StreetSafe Provides Resources and Supplies for Homeless Youth

The majority of homeless teens have experienced abuse, violence in the community, substance abuse, mental illness, incarceration, or rejection by their families. They have been asked to leave their home because of their behavior or their sexual orientation, expression, or gender identity. It is understandable that many of these youth are so traumatized by their families that they have no interest in going home.

Our goal is to form connections with these young adults who are trying to survive on their own. The Family Resources StreetSafe outreach team will help youth identify and access needed services such as medical care, food, and shelter. They will encourage them to stay in or return to school, teach job-seeking and job maintenance skills, and assist in obtaining identification or licenses to increase their self-sufficiency. They will also have them reestablish or forge permanent connections with responsible adults by assisting them in repairing damaged relationships, seeking other family members who may be supportive, and identifying responsible mentoring relationships.

StreetSafe Reduces Risks for Homeless Youth in Pinellas County

Homeless and runaway youth are often desperate to form relationships and social networks for support and survival. Unfortunately, these relationships are often negative or destructive, particularly when they are with older adults on the street.

Vulnerable youth can mistake exploitation and abuse for security. The goal of our StreetSafe program is to build positive relationships with homeless youth by creating an atmosphere that is supportive but that also sets clear boundaries and expectations. Youth set their own pace and involvement in the program, demonstrating their capacities for autonomy and independence.

These relationships will decrease the likelihood of sexual exploitation, trafficking, and assault in our area by helping young adults and teens get their needs met in safer, more conventional ways.

Keep an Eye Out for Our StreetSafe Outreach Teamhygiene kits

You will know the Family Resources StreetSafe team when you see us. Our team will wear identifying shirts when they are on duty and will travel in a van with a magnetic sign that identifies it as “StreetSafe”.

Our staff will carry basic needs Hygiene kits to distribute to homeless youth. Each pack will have a laminated card with the location and phone number for the Access Center as well as the number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Their days will be spent searching for homeless youth on the street and assisting them with information for services within the community.

Support the StreetSafe Outreach Team

You can help Family Resources grow our StreetSafe outreach team today! Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Donate: Any contribution to Family Resources can help us create hygiene kits and hire additional staff to provide support to the community.
  • Collect Items: Check out our list of items needed for our hygiene kits below. Gather items and donate them at 38215th Ave N., St. Petersburg, Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm or call Amy or Kim at 727-521-5200 to make special arrangements. You can also set up an event with your business or community organization to pool these items together. Any addition to our kits helps.
  • Share: Let your friends and family know about the Family Resources StreetSafe Team and encourage them to donate or send items to our offices.

Donate these items for the Family Resources StreetSafe Outreach Team:

StreetSAFE outreach team hygiene kits

We wouldn’t be able to launch the StreetSafe program without your help and are grateful for the opportunity to support homeless youth in Pinellas County. Check back for more information on this program and how you can support Family Resources!

Image credits: rawpixelsterlingpr, images shared above are not members of our actual Streetsafe team or an actual hygiene kit.