Safe Connections: One Step Closer to Ending Youth Homelessness

Family Resources and a group of community stakeholders — including local kids and teens — came together to address the needs of homeless youth in Pinellas County. We created a forum where everyone in attendance could talk, listen and find meaningful resolutions to end youth homelessness — especially for the most vulnerable population of LGBTQ+ youth.

Together, we developed a plan to take valuable steps in supporting youth in our community who find themselves homeless.

As part of our Strategic Plan for Addressing Youth Homelessness in Pinellas County, we built Safe Connections, a central point of access for homeless youth to get support and care in our area.

Safe Connections Outreach is Helping Homeless Youth 

The Safe Connections Outreach Program seeks out runaway and homeless youth on the streets of Pinellas County to assess their immediate needs and provide services, while reviewing options for a more sustainable, safe lifestyle. This program focuses on developing relationships between outreach workers and young people to allow them to rebuild connections with caring adults. Street Outreach services include survival aid, crisis intervention, access to emergency shelter, and referrals to supportive services.

Contact our Street Outreach Team at (727) 256-7035 or (727) 220-9246.

Introducing the Safe Connections Homeless Youth Resource Center

The Safe Connections Resource Center is working in partnership with our street outreach team to provide homeless youth needed services that are imperative to their safety and survival. Along with offering food, hygiene kits and other needs, Family Resources will be able to provide a comprehensive needs assessment and referrals. This location is helping individuals, ages 16-24, head toward a path of hope and stability, where before there was none.

Services include:

  • Clothing Closet
  • Emergency food relief
  • Comfortable space to relax
  • Referrals to other services
  • Access to caring, trustworthy adults

  • Laundry facilities
  • Hygiene items
  • Computer access
  • Charging stations
  • Free wifi

Help Expand the Safe Connections Program

Family Resources has renovated an existing building in St. Petersburg to be the future site for Safe Connections. 

As we work to develop this resource center for homeless youth, we need your help. Without the support of our donors and volunteers, this project will never get off of the ground.

If you would like to partner with us to make Safe Connections possible, consider committing to a monthly donation and support the youth in your community who find themselves homeless. With your donation, you are helping Family Resources grow, while having a direct impact on the lives of kids and teens in the local community.

We will also need volunteers to help us with our fundraising goals. Learn more about volunteer opportunities that you can take advantage of by assisting at an event, hosting a community drive, or offering your skills and resources to our team.  

Having access to hygiene items like toothpaste or deodorant can go a long way toward building up someone’s self-worth and making them feel clean and safe. Not only do these items help homeless youth restore a bit of their dignity, they also prepare them to move forward with their lives and take steps to get off the streets. Help our Street Outreach Team provide hygiene items for homeless youth by purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist.

Street Outreach staff made 1389 contacts with homeless youth to provide food, shelter, laundry and clothing. Thank you for your help.