SNAP (Stop, Now, And Plan) Program

SNAP is a free 13-week group program that helps children ages 6-11 and their parents learn how to effectively manage their emotions and keep problems small. The primary goal of the SNAP program is to help children stop and think before they act while empowering them to create improved family relationships, positive social interactions, and success in school.

Family Resources offers the SNAP program in Pinellas County and Manatee County throughout the year. Learn more about SNAP and how it can help rebuild the relationship between you and your child.  

Who Is SNAP For?

SNAP is for any child who is having a hard time coping with their emotions and controlling their actions. Small behavioral problems can grow into major issues as your child ages, and SNAP works to reverse the trend by teaching healthy emotional responses.

While every parent hopes that their child will grow out of negative behaviors, that isn’t always the case. If you feel overwhelmed by your child’s behavior, you’re not alone. Don’t wait for your child to have serious problems at school — or with the law — to address their behavior. The SNAP program through Family Resources can help you and your child move forward as a family.

What is the SNAP Program?

Youthful behavioral problems can lead to dangerous decisions that follow your child through the rest of their life. Through SNAP, you and your child can learn healthy decision-making skills and emotion management to reduce the risk of problems in the future.

SNAP uses a gender-specific, evidence-based cognitive behavioral model to connect with kids with behavioral issues. It was developed in 1985 by the Child Development Institute, an accredited children’s mental health organization based in Toronto. What started as an intervention program to help boys under 12 prevent conflict from the law has developed into an international program for kids of both genders and their families.

SNAP teaches kids to follow a three-step process to address problems. They learn to STOP when they face a problem by taking a step back or counting to ten. NOW they identify their negative thoughts and replace them with rational understanding. AND they PLAN, or develop a strategy to shrink the problem instead of growing it. Together, this reduces negative reactions and promotes smart decision-making.

Research shows that SNAP delivers results. According to the Child Development Institute:

    • Approximately 60% of incarcerated men have a history of conduct problems.
    • On average, there are 7 years of warning signs before a troubled child becomes a serious offender.
    • 75% of youth who start offending before the age of 12 are at considerable risk of repeat offenses.
    • 68% of SNAP participants will not have a criminal record by age 19.

SNAP children are less aggressive, less anxious, and less antisocial. They have better emotion management and problem-solving skills that lead to better life opportunities.

SNAP Also Benefits Parents

SNAP isn’t just a 13-week course for kids. Parents also participate in the SNAP program alongside their children. As a parent, you will participate in the group sessions with parent-only training to help you better understand where your child is coming from.

Parents who participate in the SNAP program will improve their communication skills and learn to repair their relationship with their child. This leads to lower frustration levels and less stress as a family.   

The parent group meets concurrently with the children’s groups to learn effective child management and SNAP strategies. This group also provides parents with an opportunity to make connections with other parents facing similar challenges.

Sign Up for SNAP Through Family Resources

Research shows the SNAP program leads to positive outcomes for children through fewer arguments, more friends, reduced stress, and improved self-confidence. If you want to guide your child to healthier decision-making in the future, contact Family Resources to find the next SNAP class near you.

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