We Are Open to Help Our Community! Changes to Family Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We Are Open to Help Our Community! Changes to Family Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Lisa Davis, April 6, 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has changed all of our lives. Kids are trying to adapt to online coursework while parents try to keep their jobs. This is a time of uncertainty for everyone, including our team at Family Resources. Even in these uncertain times, we continue to step up to serve vulnerable children, youth and families. We have had several members of the community reach out to ask about our services. We are proud to say that our doors are still open – even if some of those doors are only open digitally. 

There have been a few changes in our operations over the past few weeks. Here is what you need to know if your family needs help as we ride out this pandemic. 

SafePlace2B Shelters

SafePlace2B shelters are for homeless and vulnerable youth in Pinellas and Manatee County. Now more than ever youth need a safe place of stability. As families are losing their income and relationships are becoming more strained our shelters are here to provide support and respite through short-term residential care for youth ages 10-17. 

Our youth shelters are still open and screening any potential intakes for COVID-19. For more information contact the shelter in your community:

    • Bradenton: (941) 708-5850.
    • St. Petersburg: (727) 893-1893
    • Clearwater:   (727) 298-1606

SafeConnections Resource Center

The SafeConnections Resource Center provides an extensive amount of services for the local community.  While this center is still open, in efforts to keep our staff and our clients safe, the resources are limited at this time to include a clothing closet, food, hygiene items, and referrals to other services. These services are available to youth and young adults ages 16-24 who are having trouble making ends meet during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

SafeConnections Resource center access will be by appointment until further notice. Please call the numbers below to schedule a time or for more information about the services available at the center.

    • Kim: 727-308-8448
    • Amber: 727-256-7035
    • Victoria: 727-220-9246

Mental Health and Counseling Services

We continue to offer family counseling, taking on new clients as well as current ones. To maintain the safety of our participants and our counselors, we are currently taking appointments and conducting sessions via video call.  

Our counseling is free for most participants, if not offered at an affordable rate. Our sessions are open for youth ages 6-17. Families may also attend together, but groups must have at least one participant in that age range. 

Many people feel stressed and scared during these uncertain times. With the schools closed and many people without work or working from home, families have had more time than ever to spend together. We can help you maintain good mental health and build strong bonds as you survive this pandemic together. To access our family counseling services, email info@family-resources.org.

SNAP (Stop Now and Plan)

Our SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) groups, which help youth ages 6-11learn how to work through anger and take control of their emotional reactions, continue to operate and are accepting new clients. However, these groups currently meet through Zoom or in any way that families are technologically available. For more information email our SNAP team at SNAP@family-resources.org.

Thank You to Our Family Resources Staff and Volunteers

On behalf of the senior leadership at Family Resources, I would like to thank all of the employees and volunteers who support our efforts.

Many of you have experienced changes in your work over the past few weeks – sometimes changes within the same day – but everyone has remained calm and adjusted to the new way of life. From counselors and administrative staff who now work from home to in-shelter employees who have increased their sanitation efforts to meet CDC guidelines, we are all doing our best to get through this. 

Without your drive and dedication to Family Resources, these transitions during the COVID-19 outbreak would not be possible. We look forward to a time where we can meet again in person to celebrate our efforts and come out stronger on the other side.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Help Us Support the Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic

At Family Resources, we try to support the community in any way we can. Whether we are putting together hygiene kits or helping families work through this stressful time. While we are not accepting most items at this time as a way to preserve the health of our staff and volunteers, we are in need of face masks, gloves and disinfecting wipes to support our shelters. To donate these items please contact us at info@family-resources.org.

Monetary donations are also a huge help. By supporting family resources, you are building up your community and helping us all weather the Coronavirus storm together. Please consider donating today.  

Thank you for your contribution and we will keep you updated about any changes to our services during this outbreak.