When parents and kids don't see eye to eye, small issues become big problems.
Family Resources provides individual and family counseling that provides a clear path to solutions.
Finding resources and people to trust is a daily challenge for homeless youth.
Through Street Outreach and Safe Connections Resource Center we work to provide safety and immediate, lasting solutions.
We are the trusted agency to turn to for homeless teens.
Our SafePlace2B teen shelters provide safety, hope and healing for youth in crisis.

Is to inspire well-being and success in the lives of vulnerable children, youth and families
through responsive quality programs and safe places.

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2 weeks ago

Family Resources

"Find a way to enjoy everyday!" This is some great advice we can all use. How did you enjoy today?Being captivated by this sunset and snow falling on the hills after our ride today made me think of what a young man told me the other day.

I was visiting a transitional living facility. Speaking to kids about my story and chatting about their future as well. One young man had some really good goals and a pretty good idea of how to start that path.

When I commented and commended him on his progress. I asked if he had any advice for people starting their journey.

It brought me to tears of course.
He said to find a way to enjoy everyday. You may not eat or know where you might sleep, but you can find a way to enjoy everyday, because that’s what life is about.

He plans on working his way up and into the senate. He wants to create more jobs. He feels people’s lives can be dramatically improved through job stability.

He is a very passionate young man. The kind of character we can all get behind and support.

Find a way to enjoy each day. A sunrise, sunset, food to eat or pillow for your head.

When you have found that way to enjoy each day. Look around and see if anyone else could use some help finding it.
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3 weeks ago

Family Resources

Recently a teen spent just a couple days in our shelter. Saxon, our case manager, spent time listening, working to understand her perspective, encouraging her talents and providing guidance. When the girl left our shelter she gave this poem to Saxon.

"The answers I was so desperately seeking to finding, the answers that was all ready within me, but that seemed to be hiding. This is a poem about a woman who helped me find my calling, this is a poem about a woman who stopped me from falling."

This is why our teen shelters are important...They may be short-term shelters but the impact we can make simply by showing we care is long lasting.
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